Who the Hell is the Real Enemy? Republicans Gearing Up to Foil Trump Again

If there was one single issue that propelled the President to victory it was his claim that a wall was desperately needed along the nation’s southern border. History will forever link Trump with the chants of “Build that wall!” and the President should never shy away from such an association.

Republican duplicity, however, is once again rearing its Hydra-like heads to do the bidding of the Establishment.

In a budget proposal submitted to Congress, Trump has requested “$33 billion in new defense and border spending”, according to Hot Air. Some of the funds would go to the construction of the President’s promised wall. Democrats are, of course, hinting that they will shut the government down over the proposal.

Using the old excuse of “the Democrats are threatening to…”, Republicans have once again waived off their majority status as a David to the Goliath of Leftist self-inflating braggadocio. It is a disgusting display of political cowardice.

Plenty to go around on Capitol Hill.

Plenty to go around on Capitol Hill.

Check out the pathetic defeatism of Republican Senator Richard Shell-Shocked, er, I mean Shelby:

“Congress will decide what they want and what they don’t want. I don’t think we need a shutdown argument, period. I don’t know any rational person who wants a shutdown.”

Should not those be the words Shelby should levy against the Democrats? Put the damn ball in their damn court! Who is the real opposition to the President here anyway?