White House Leaker Uncovered

The pervasiveness of the Establishment’s infiltration of the Trump administration continues to be revealed. For weeks now, the President has reportedly been frustrated by leaks emanating from his administration and surfacing in the press.

Gotnews is now reporting that Deputy National Security Adviser, Dina Habib Powell (an Egyptian by birth) is the source of the leak and has been spilling secrets to New York Slimes journalist Maggie Haberman.

    Dina Habib Powell

Maggie Haberman









Promising more news about the development in the future, Gotnews writes, “On Tuesday, GotNews revealed Powell to be a leaker, and can now report Haberman received classified information from her.”

This would be the second leaker outed since February, when Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh (a Priebus mole) was fired for blabbing to Haberman every chance she got.

All signs point to Powell being a Priebus plant as well. Both her and that rat fink Priebus should be unceremoniously tossed to the curb by the President.