What This Democrat Finds Funny Will Have You Furious

Who says Leftists don’t have a sense of humor? Sure, the monologues of a John Stewart, Trevor Noah, John Oliver or a Whoopi Goldberg are more embittered sarcasm than intelligent comedy, but not to worry. There is a one Democrat who knows how to get some belly laughs.

The Daily Caller has reported that former Maine State Democrat Senator Richard Fochtmann had an audience at a party event chuckling and slapping their knees with just one quip.

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In speaking about how to get more women involved in politics, Fochtmann utilized his comic wit and ability to sense timing to deliver this jest:

“Today, you know, I saw a thing, and it said a lot of men — white men — are committing suicide. I almost thought, ‘Yeah, great!’”

The audience and the host laughed, it was classic Fochtmann.

All sarcasm aside, Fochtmann’s arrogant and politically perverse ‘humor’ is anything but funny.  This was not a glib joke but the outing of a subconscious fantasy by a vapid and inhumane mouthpiece of the Left. His giddiness is not from enjoying the cleverness of word play or imagining an unreal situation, but in visualizing Elitist ethos at work.

Do not think for a second that Fochtmann would volunteer his life for such a ‘great’ cause, for the double standard of liberalism protects scum like him. Throughout history, the Left has been the progenitor of death cults; sterilization, euthanasia, abortion, gulags, genocide, and the perpetuation of urban decay.

Maybe what Fochtmann is laughing about is his realization that he would escape all of that while his audience would not be so lucky?