What Melania Just Did Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes — Media Ignores

Every tomato seed she planted or organic food vendor she visited earned Michelle Obama the eagerly printed adoration of the media. Mrs. Obama’s patronizing ‘eat healthier’ TV appearances were also gobbled up by the disgustingly acquiescent cable programmers.

Yet when First Lady Melania Trump visits a shelter for abused women and girls and imparts an inspiring message on the audience, the news evaporates unnoticed in the air.

Unnoticed is a bit of an exaggeration, for the Gateway Pundit does note that the nationally esteemed “Palm Beach Post and FootwearNews” commented on the event, with the latter focusing on the shoes worn by the First Lady.

In speaking to the crowd, Melania said that “wherever women are diminished, the entire world is diminished with them. However, wherever women are empowered, towns and villages, schools and economies, are empowered, and together we are all made stronger with them.”

While she didn’t mention Islam per se, the inference was unmistakable and something never broached by Michelle, whose sole accomplishment in that area consisted of begging African jihadists to #bringbackourgirls via scrawling the message in 5 seconds on a piece of paper.

I'm surprised it wasn't written in crayon.

I’m surprised it wasn’t written in crayon.

Melania continued by saying, “We must begin now to challenge old fears, fight long-held prejudices and stand up against evil and injustice wherever it may be.”

Afterwards, the First Lady tweeted that she “had a wonderful time visiting @HomeSafeFla today! The young ladies I spoke with hold so much promise for the future.”

It is a story that the Trump-hating media refuses to publish despite how it could help young victims of abuse. Once again, they have been left victimized.