Waters For President?

The Left, especially the Millennial age group,  is so awash in angst following the election of Donald Trump that they have taken to lauding the (non)credentials of the most outrageous Bizarro candidate they could find as being Presidential material.

Salon magazine, the Washington Free Beacon reports, has recently polished its liberal personae by posting a video explaining why California nut-job Maxine “There’s something weird in the” Waters should run for President.

The logic behind the choices is shoddy and based on no credible, tangible or personal accomplishments on behalf of Waters. She has never had a real job, she has attached her name to the fad moral crusade of the moment, and she has always been irrationally partisan with hints of socialist leanings.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Pc72t3Inws?feature=oembed&w=602&h=339]

Salon lists as her achievements  (and I am not making this up) that she came from a big family, she has been a loud feminist, she has her name associated with ending the apartheid regime in South Africa, she loves Millennials, and…the number one reason, she is “not afraid” to attack the Right from the safety of a media sanctuary and the civil environs of Congress.

There have been better resume highlights for a teenager fired from Taco Bell. Who is Salon trying to kid, besides themselves?

This is just the kind of idiocy that has caused the vast majority of Americans to put a man of action into the White House.