VP Pence Labeled a Rapist for Doing This

It is a strange and Orwellian world we live in when a man’s desire to protect his wife’s honor is equated to the actions of a typical rapist. Confused? You are not the only one.

The comparison is exactly what resulted from the Washington Post’s March 28 article on Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen.


In the article, VP Pence infers that his respect for his wife is so strong that he refrains from going out to dinner alone with another woman and avoided events serving alcohol when Karen could not join him.

Living under the spotlight of rumor, innuendo and fake news, Pence’s self-imposed restrictions are entirely justified. Perception, especially a deviously crafted perspective, is everything in politics.

These comments by Pence, however, have opened up the flood gates of Leftist irrationality.

The Blaze notes that the website Vox called Pence’s restraint “illegal” because a boss/co-worker dinner is an opportunity that should be open to everyone. Notice that Pence never said he would totally disavow dining with the opposite sex. He just wouldn’t do it alone.

Not to be outdone, a crazed Canadian journalist writes, “The explicit reasons for Pence’s restriction are religion and family, but the implicit reason is that he must avoid alone-time with women lest his stringent religious moral code fall apart in the presence of a little lipstick and décolletage. That is rape culture.”

Could not Pence’s reasoning be that he knows methods of political set up when he sees one?