VP Debate Moderator Gets Some BAD News After Rigging Debate For Tim Kaine

Earlier today, we reported that vice presidential debate moderator Elaine Quijano enraged conservatives everywhere when she rigged the proceedings in favor of Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine. Now, this has come back to bite Quijano in a big way.

MRC TV reported:

On the subject of immigration, in addition to her initial question, Quijano overstepped her role of moderator by pressing Pence on whether illegal immigrants would be “forcibly removed” under Trump’s plan.

“Governor, how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave? Would they forcibly be removed?” she asked.

She appeared to support Sen. Kaine on his criticism of Trump, answering back to him, “right,” in agreement.  

Kaine said, “This is important, Elaine. When a guy running for president will not support the troops, not support veterans, not support teachers…”

“Right,” Quijano responded, before Kaine even finished his remark.

Americans everywhere saw right through Quijano as she allowed Kaine to hijack the debate, and they took to social media to let her know exactly what they thought about what she did.



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