Uh Oh… Ted Cruz Just Got Some Bad News — This is Not Good

Republican Senator Ted Cruz faces re-election in 2018 and Breitbart reports that if a as of yet unannounced Democrat contender by the name of Joaquin Castro from the House decides to run, Cruz could find himself out on the street.

According to the Texas Lyceum poll, Castro currently leads Cruz 35 percent to 31 percent, while the official Democrat candidate, House Representative Beto O’Rourke ties Cruz at 30 percent. A majority of voters have stated that they still have not decided who they will vote for.


The poll, reports Breitbart, “was conducted between April 3 to 9, with 1,000 interviews from registered Texas voters. The margin of error is 3.1 percent.”

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The fact that Cruz did quite well during the Presidential election in 2016 makes these poll numbers a bit surprising, but it should be kept in mind that many, many polls were proven disastrously wrong during the election and should be taken with a grain of salt.

In any case, Cruz needs to cease being a Trump obstructionist and adopt the President’s agenda before his stubbornness leads to his defeat.