Trump’s Veteran’s Secy Makes SHOCKING Revelation About Obama’s VA — This is SICKENING!

From the everyday American citizen to Veterans trying to get treatment at VA Hospitals, Obama could care less about the people he “served.” All he cared about was the special interest groups that could keep him in power. Special interest groups such as government employees.

This week Trump’s Veterans Administration Secretary David Shulkin went before Congress to “beg” them for more power in cleaning house. Apparently, it’s darn near impossible to fire someone who works for the federal government!


The Veterans Affairs Department should be able to fire any employee caught watching pornography at work immediately, according to its recently sworn in secretary.

The request comes after a Houston-based medical center employee was found, after a “through [sic] internal review,” to have viewed pornography while with a patient. The employee is currently on paid administrative leave, but has not yet been fired as VA is required by law to provide 30 days of notice to its workers before terminating them. VA Secretary David Shulkin said that law, which governs the entire federal workforce, must change.

“This is an example of why we need accountability legislation as soon as possible,” Shulkin said. “It’s unacceptable that VA has to wait 30 days to act on a proposed removal.”

Yeah, you read that right… a care giver was watching porn while with a patient and then couldn’t be fired for 30 days! And the whole time he was going through the termination process, he was still being paid!

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“Current legislation in Congress reduces the amount of time we have to wait before taking action,” Shulkin said. “I look forward to working with both the Senate and the House to ensure final legislation gives us the flexibility we need.”

Supporters of the bill — the VA Accountability First Act — took Shulkin’s comments as a welcome sign.

“The time for talking about accountability is over,” said Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn, who chairs the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee. “This situation underscores the need for Congress to get VA accountability legislation to President Trump’s desk, and I thank Secretary Shulkin for making this a top priority.”

Sounds like a bill everyone can get behind, right?

Not so fast… the Democrats, of course, oppose it, saying that it goes to far and citing employee due process, and claim that it’s a union busting bill.

It’s amazing how the Dems think it’s ok to have one way of life for those who work in government and one for the rest of the country! Can you imagine what would happen to you or me for doing this in the private sector???

We would be terminated immediately — and deservedly so!