Trump’s #1 Fan Delivers BRUTAL Message to the President

President Trump’s decision to hit a Syrian airbase with cruise missiles following that nation’s use of chemical weapons on its own people, has of course drawn considerable Leftist opposition. What it has also done is perplexed and angered some of his most ardent supporters.

Conservative commentator and author, Ann Coulter, took to Twitter following the President’s announcement of the strike saying, “I expected to spend this part of the Trump presidency tweeting that it’s legal to deport anchor babies not arguing agst another Mid East war.”

Coulter continued to remind Trump that his priority was supposed to be stopping illegal immigration and not becoming embroiled in international conflicts. In another Tweet, she threw back into the President’s face his statement that no child of God should ever suffer the horrors of sarin gas attacks, by tweeting the heart wrenching story of a young man killed by an illegal.

Comparing those supporting the strike as interventionist Democrats, Coulter later tweeted, “Those who wanted us meddling in the Middle East voted for other candidates.”

The ghosts of Iraq haunted another of Coulter’s tweets in which she said, “Christians who live in Syria are terrified of what will happen if Assad is gone.”

While these are all good points, President Trump made a decision designed to hopefully prevent future acts of brutality that would lead to war.