Trump Sends Brutal Message to White House Leakers

Breitbart News is reporting that Reince Priebus’ Deputy Katie Walsh is leaving the White House. This is a pretty significant dismissal, not only because this would seem to be a victory for the Steve Bannon / Breitbart camp in Trump’s administration, but because she was reported to be a main source of the leaks that the President has been fighting.

From Breitbart:

“Everyone knows not to talk to her in the White House unless you want to see it in the press,” Got News editor Charles Johnson quoted a “source close to the president” as saying in February. “The only question is whether or not she’s doing it at the behest of [White House Chief of Staff] Reince Priebus or if she’s doing it to advance herself in DC media circles.”

Previous to working at the White House, Walsh had served as Priebus’ Chief of Staff at the Republican National Committee. She was a Priebus ally in the White House and could have an impact on the influence he has with the President going forward. She’s also good friends with Hillary Clinton’s favorite New York Times reporter Maggie Halberstam.

Though the official line is that she isn’t being fired, it seems pretty obvious that that’s exactly what’s happening.

At the end of the day, Priebus, Walsh and the others like him do not represent the people who voted Trump into office. They align themselves with the John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell old guard. The more of them that are gone from Trump’s administration, the better!

Good riddance, Katie!