Trump Sends Brutal Message to North Korea

Perennial saber-rattler, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, is once again testing the limits of international appeasement by continuing to boldly test weapon systems that could carry nuclear payloads to the continental United States.

Such bluster would have gotten Obama’s panties all in knots, but the boy-named-Kim is dealing with a real president now, one that just sent Kim’s bae 59 cruise missiles.

On April 8, reports Reuters, President Trump ordered the Carl Vinson Strike Group from the Third Fleet to sail into waters off the coast of the Korean peninsula instead of its previously scheduled trip to Australia.

The group, hosting nearly 8,000 personnel, an aircraft carrier, accompanying destroyers , up to 70 aircraft and a submarine, has enough firepower to bomb Kim back to the stone age…which judging by the look of his country, would set him back about three weeks.

The Battle Group built around the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70) steams towards a naval operational training are off the southern California coast.  The ships are, (clockwise from the lower left), the guided missile frigate USS REUBEN JAMES (FFG-57), guided missile cruiser USS ANTIETAM (CG-54), nuclear-powered attack submarine USS ASHEVILLE (SSN-758), nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser USS ARKANSAS (CGN-41), destroyer USS HEWITT (DD-988), fast combat support sh USS CAMDEN (AOE-2), amphibious assault ship USS PELELIU (LHA-5) & 3 unidentified amphibious ships.

The Battle Group USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70) 

An unnamed U.S. official told Reuters that “we feel the increased presence is necessary,” seeing as how North Korea continues to pursue nuclear options and may try to test another missile on April 15.

President Trump has reportedly finished a review of the North Korean situation and is considering a host of options including “economic and military measures”, but Reuters states that he is leaning more toward “sanctions and increased pressure on Beijing to rein in its reclusive neighbor.”

Critics might say this is no different than what Obama has done, but it is and for a very simple reason. President Trump, unlike his predecessor, has shown he is not afraid to act.