Trump Makes HUGE Announcement About Vietnam Vets — This is AWESOME!

This is yet another story that highlights the huge difference between Trump and the anti-American president that we had in office for the last 8 years.

There’s been no more vilified soldier in our country than the ones that fought bravely for us in Vietnam. When they came home from the war, they got the worst treatment imaginable. There were no parades when they returned, just unparalleled amounts of abuse. Some of them were even beaten and spit on.

Many suffered from severe PTSD and ended up homeless and on drugs. Way too many of these former soldiers even took their own lives, but now, thanks to President Trump, it looks like these Vets might finally be getting the recognition that was long overdue them.

Last week, Trump signed a bill designating March 29 as National Vietnam War Veterans Day. The bill was sponsored by Republican Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania and Democrat Joe Donnelly from Indiana.

Trump sent out a Tweet after commemorating the occasion on March 29:

Today we honored our true American heroes on the first-ever National Vietnam War Veterans Day. #ThankAVeteran

How great is it to have a president back in office who does more than just pay lip service to our Veterans?!

This is more news that the media won’t cover, so please share this to get the word out!