Trump Lands HUGE Win for the US — Media goes silent…

With the crazy Dems and liberal media screaming about Russia 24/7, you’d think there’s no good news in Washington. The truth is that there’s tons of it, but the national mainstream media refuses to cover it.

Take this story for example…

Earlier this week, Ford announced that will invest over $1 billion in three Michigan factories in preparation for procution of the Ford Bronco and the Ranger pickup truck.

From the Detroit News:

The Michigan Economic Development Corp (MEDC) said the move may bring or secure at least 3,700 jobs resulting in “the biggest day ever in Michigan,” according to Steve Arwood, CEO of the MEDC. “That’s all good news. There’s not a discouraging word,” Atwood added.

United Auto Workers (UAW) President, Jimmy Settles also embraced the deal, saying, “We look forward to celebrating more product investment and job growth at each of our UAW represented facilities in the months and years to come.”

By rolling back oppressive regulations and making America a more business-friendly environment, Trump is bringing back jobs and opportunities that we thought we’d never see again. And yet… hardly a peep from the mainstream media.

It’s up to us to remind our friends, neighbors,and family members of all the good things that are happening, and do our best to shine light on the dirty Dems and the corrupt mainstream media.