Trump Just Made a HUGE Announcement About the Border Wall — It’s Happening!

Brace yourselves liberals, because coming to a press conference near you this summer is the revealing of the border wall finalist, reports Axios.


In May, White House Spokesman Sean Spicer schooled the gathered press on two types of fence being considered: a bollard fence made up of unscalable  posts with small gaps in between them, and a levee wall consisting of sheer vertical solid fencing.

The White House has said that both types may be used on the 700 mile long area along the border with Mexico where some type of barrier is required.

The news puts the media and GOP traitors in a bad spot, because they have insisted that the Wall is not going to happen, but it is full speed ahead from the President.

Once unveiled, Axios reports, the prototype will be built in San Diego. As a suggestion, the White House may want to try it out by surrounding Pelosi’s San Fran residence and see if she gets out.