Trump Just Got INCREDIBLE NEWS — Democrats are FURIOUS

News from the Daily Caller is sure to cast a pall over the day of Leftists. Despite all their histrionics and fake news, it appears it has not tarnished the growing popularity of President Trump.

According to the Caller, for the first time in weeks the President’s approval rating in the Rasmussen poll has hit 50 percent.


The poll of 1500 likely voters comes after the President Trump has taken decisive action on Syria, ISIS and North Korea as well as proving himself far from a puppet to Russian President Putin.

The President has also had many unreported victories on the domestic front that most likely contributed to his rise in numbers. He has proposed downsizing the government, he has increased the number of illegal alien arrests and he is drawing closer to a detailed plan for his wall along the Mexican border.

A rise in numbers set against such incessant and partisan opposition bodes well for Trump and speaks to his unflinching work ethic.

America waits with baited breath for Pelosi, Schumer, Waters or Warren to spin this in their usual ridiculous fashion.