Trump Donated His Salary to Military Cemeteries, Then THIS Happened

President Trump committed to forgo his salary if he were to win the election.  Once he did win, he found out that a law stated that he must take a salary as President, however he decided that he would then donate his salary on a quarterly basis to a government cause.

President Trump decided that he would donate this quarter to the Department of the Interior.   This donation would be to help restore military monuments and in particular the Antietam National Battlefield.  The Antietam National Battlefield is a national park and civil war monument.

But there is more.  His quarterly salary is  $78,333 and it has been reported that there was an anonymous donation to compliment his gift, adding an additional $22,000.  A total amount of $100,000.  How awesome is that? He has inspired others to pay it forward as well and donate to our military!

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said, “As both the Secretary of the Interior and a military veteran, I’m deeply honored and humbled to deliver the donation to Antietam National Battlefield on behalf of President Trump.” Adding,“The president’s donation will allow generations of Americans to learn about our history and heritage on this sacred site.”

Repairs will now be made to an historic house on the battle field, as well as replace fencing.

A bit of history on the Battlefield. This location was the single bloodiest day in the Civil War. Over 20,000 Americans died in a 12 hour period.

A big thanks to our President Trump.  He continues to keep to his promises and honors those who have allowed our country to be.  Please pay it forward by sharing this.  We know the media will over look this huge moment, but we will do what it takes to share the information that matters!