Trey Gowdy UNLOADS — Drops the Hammer on Obama

Now that Trey Gowdy is in charge the House Intelligence Committee and more information is coming out about Susan Rice, it looks like things could get pretty dicey for the former national security advisor. Judge Anthony Napolitano recently told Fox News that he believed Gowdy was probably going to try and trap Rice should she testify before the committee.

Here’s what Napolitano said via the Daily Caller:

“Would she be prosecuted?” Napolitano posed. “I think so. I think the Trump administration is so furious, they will lay a trap for her and see in she will fall into it.”

“If you are under oath, as you will be, then there’s two potential crimes. Lying under oath and misleading,” he continued. “She has a track record of misleading. Serious, public misleading.”

It’s no doubt that Obama and Rice are as guilty as sin, not only to illegally spying on American citizens without cause, but to unmasking and then leaking the names to the press. The only question remains is… will she be called to testify under oath before the committee?

Remember when Hillary testified about Benghazi, she was not under oath and the Republicans were unable to pin her down on anything. That was a different time, however, and you can rest assured that with Gowdy running this show, he’ll bring her in and get some answers. The best Rice will be able to do is lawyer-up and plead the 5th against self-incrimination.

At any rate, it’s good to see the Dems on the run and getting what they deserve!