Toby Keith BLACKLISTED After DEFENDING Trump For Bombing ISIS

Yesterday, President Donald Trump directed the U.S. military to drop its largest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan, killing 92 terrorists. On Friday, Fox & Friends played a montage of Trump’s bomb strike in Afghanistan set to Toby Keith’s post-9/11 anthem, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”


Liberals are furious that Keith let his song be used for this, but this isn’t the first time he’s taken a stand for Trump. He risked his career back in January t0 perform at Trump’s inauguration concert. When he was announced as a performer at Ribfest a month later, people demanded that he be dropped for being “too political” an artist. The situation escalated to the point where Ari Fleischer, a one-time White House press secretary for former President George W. Bush, finally weighed in to defend Keith and his supporters.

“This ticks me off. Conservatives put up w liberal clap-trap from Hollywood & Broadway. Now one patriotic country singer is subject to this?” Fleischer tweeted.

“One of these days conservatives need to engage vs liberal entertainment/educational institutions. Their bias helps define our culture,” he added minutes later.

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