This Was Left Ignored by Obama, but not Trump! You Will Cheer When You Read it!

The illegal immigration situation in this country continues to improve under President Donald Trump and that has occurred even without the promised wall and his executive orders that have been placed on hold.

Fusion writes that 367 illegal or criminal aliens have been detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency in raids carried out since Trump has taken office.

ICE is reportedly considering adding immigrants arrested and charged with driving under the influence to the tier one group of illegal and criminal aliens, which would prioritize them for detention.

Fusion notes that “some experts say the shift in policy means there are now five-times more immigrants prioritized for deportation than there were under the Obama administration.”

That’s a good start.


Amazingly, over the past few months reported rapes committed by illegals are down 25 percent in Los Angeles and 43 percent in Houston, two hotbeds of illegal alien congregation.

All of this has unnerved illegals and has angered activist groups protecting them.

“Advocates with a Virginia group called La ColectiVA ,” writes Fusion, “say the raids are part of the administration’s agenda to get immigrant communities to ‘live in fear of detention, of deportation and of being abducted from their communities.’”

Oh, how thoughtless of President Trump. Surely he knows that criminals should feel at ease in this country and impervious to law enforcement.

Trump is beginning to effectively use ICE in order to Make America Great Again for Americans. This is a great change and is sure to increase the security of every legal citizen.