This Trump Success Will Have You Cheering

For eight years illegal immigration ran unchecked under the Obama administration. In fact, the former pathetic excuse for a national leader added to the tempestuous mixture of illegals thousands of poorly-vetted refugees.

It took Obama six years into his tenure to budge on immigration and that was only due to political pressure. And when he did act, it was temporary and quickly reversed.

PBS writes that in 2014 Obama “declared the administration’s limited resources would be focused on removing threats to national security and public safety, and recent arrivals. Deportation has decreased since. Last year, the administration deported the fewest people since 2006.”


President Trump has pledged to…well, trump Obama on securing the borders and seizing illegal aliens.

Despite political games being played by activist judges and blowhard sanctuary city mayors, Trump has been steadily increasing the apprehension of criminal aliens. reports that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency “rounded up 237 illegal aliens with criminal convictions over a 12-day period in March” just in California, while in Texas 153 criminal aliens were apprehended after a similar 12-day operation.

ICE is being greatly strengthened by Trump, who has said he will hire 10,000 new officers. The President has also said he will have the laws on the books enforced…something Obama never did.