This Happened Right After Trump Attacked Syria and NOBODY NOTICED — Chilling…

President Trump, while new to office, delicately and effectively weaved through the minefield of diplomatic relations when he launched a cruise missile strike on Syria on April 6.

Avoiding a full blown superpower nuclear war is something that can be done much more easily than responding to the chorus of rogue states, terrorist groups and lone wolf actors infecting world peace

Upon being elected President, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Sciences, moved the Doomsday Clock forward from 3 minutes to midnight to 2 ½ minutes, citing the growing global instability ginned up by nationalism, terrorism, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and political rhetoric.


Some see Trump’s bold action as necessitating the clock being moved forward again. The list of possible scenarios (excluding Syria), compiled by The Sun, resulting from the cruise missile strike in Syria include:

  1. Russian annexation of Latvia- Such an occurrence would draw in NATO and could quickly escalate out of control.
  2. North Korea Acts- Kim Jong-un is a psychopath who is dangerously close to getting nukes and has promised to use them.
  3. Tension in South China Sea- China, southeast Asian nations and the United States continue to vie over control and access to this mineral rich area
  4. Iranian bomb- The Iranian republic is also pursuing nukes and is no friend to Israel and the United States.


What is most disturbing is that rogue nations have or are close to obtaining nuclear weapons. These are not governments that can be reasoned with or cajoled into the global diplomatic community. These are hardened and militant enemies of democracy and world peace.

President Trump has done a good job of walking the high wire of foreign affairs, but the loose cannons like North Korea and Iran (among others) need to be kept in check.