This Former Presidential Candidate Could Be Your Next Fox News Host – Will You Watch?

The hosts of Morning Joe shocked many on Friday morning when they said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could land a job at Fox News.

Host Joe Scarborough was discussing Christie’s recent radio takedown of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning when he said that the New Jersey governor is “going to be in media” after his term ends in 2018 and could very well be “a Fox guy.”

The Daily Caller reported that guest Donny Deutsch reaffirmed this, saying Christie definitely “wants to be a Fox guy.”

“He’s built for cable TV,” Deutsch continued. “Everything about him, pugnacious, a character, larger than life. Clearly he’s a media personality.”

“He also has a good relationship with the President of the United States,” Scarborough added. “That’s something Fox News might want to have on a show, you might think.”


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