The Bill Trump Just Signed Has Liberals Losing Their Minds

Planned Parenthood is slowly learning how it feels to be targeted for termination and to have no real say in the matter.

President Trump is reported by Hot Air to have signed a law “which will allow states to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood (PP) and direct it to health providers that do not perform abortions.”

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The Trump bill was a counter to Obama’s sneaky passage and implementation of an order two days prior to his swearing in that said portions of federal funds for healthcare would have to go to PP.

Apparently Obama failed to consider the Congressional Review Act (CRA), which allows for a sped up process of undoing ‘recent’ Executive actions. Republicans used the CRA instead of drawing up another bill in order to turn off the spigot of money going to an organization that is steeped in controversy following the sale of baby body parts and tissue to biomedical research companies.

Hot Air quotes Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, as saying that “Prioritizing funding away from Planned Parenthood to comprehensive health care alternatives is a winning issue.” Dannenfelser was present as Trump signed the order into law.

This is a victory for the pro-life side and something that no Establishment Republican would ever have had the cajones to do.