TERROR IN TEXAS – This Is Chilling…

Three foreign nationals, two of which are illegal immigrants, were arrested in Arkansas this week after opening fire in a nightclub.

Breitbart reported that illegal immigrant Carlos Hernandez-Garcia, Carlos Santos-Cortez, and 23-year-old illegal immigrant Brayan Adalid-Lozano were arrested on the scene of the El Azteca Night Club shooting after police found Santos-Cortez bleeding from gunshot wounds in a parking lot.


Santos-Cortez was shot in his stomach and waist by a person in a red Nissan truck who fired six shots. Adalid-Lozano was stabbed in the neck by Santos-Cortez after he launched an attack on him.

Though Santos-Cortez was released on a $5,000 bond for a second-degree battery charge, Hernandez-Garcia is facing a first-degree battery charge and immigration charges. Adalid-Lozano is facing immigration charges as well, in addition to accusations of lying to local police and for being publicly intoxicated.

THIS is EXACTLY what Donald Trump is trying to protect us from!