TERROR IN CALIFORNIA – Radical Islamic Gunman Opens Fire, Targets ‘White People’

A gunman opened fire in Fresno, California this morning, killing three people. It has since been revealed that the gunman was 39 year-old Kori Muhammad, who called himself “Black Jesus.”

Fox News reported that Muhammad began shooting at 10:45am, killing three white men in under a minute before police were able to tackle him to the ground. As officers took him down, Muhammad repeatedly screamed “Allahu Akbar!”

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Muhammad often posted racist rants against white people and the U.S. government on social media. Police have also linked him to the murder of an unarmed security guard at a Motel 6 last week.

Few details are available about the victims at this time, aside from the fact that they are all white males and the location of where they were shot. The first victim was shot in a PG&E utility truck, a second person was shot on Fulton Street and a third person was shot in the parking lot of Catholic Charities.

“Our thoughts are with all involved in the incident that occurred in Fresno today,” PG&E said in a statement. “Public and employee safety is always our top priority. We are still gathering information on what happened, and will work to support first responders and law enforcement in their efforts.”

“The diocese will be present to the needs of all those serving as witnesses to this violent and traumatic event,” said Teresa Dominguez, chancellor for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno, “such as counseling and pastoral care, and Bishop Ochoa asks for the prayer of all the faithful for the victims of this violent crime and their families, and that law enforcement will be successful in the their investigation in identifying the perpetrator.”

We will update you further as this story develops.