Susan Rice Takes a Ride on the Karma Train

A recently scheduled “Women Helping Girls Conference” sponsored by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and Women Helping Girls group, was canceled April 7, ostensibly for the reason that there was a problem with ticketing.

Maybe the ticketing problem involved a certain guest speaker’s name that appeared on it? Read on and you tell me.

According to NY’s Democrat & Chronicle Obama’s former national security advisor and communications Peeping Tom, Susan Rice, was to appear at the April 8 event and speak about a girls monitoring…er, I mean…mentoring program.

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AAUW’s vice president of development, Dr. Cheryl McKeiver, would have everyone believe that a simple mistake caused the event’s entire cancelation; how ironically unfortunate.

Rice, no doubt, was ready to deliver sophomoric platitudes all wrapped up in a bow of female empowerment. But, alas, that darned ticketing error.

I am sure that it had nothing to do with Rice’s tarnished reputation following the growing evidence that she illegally leaked the names of Americans singled out by a politicized NSA surveillance program.

McKeiver released a statement that read, “(Our organization) was very much looking forward to hosting Ambassador Susan E. Rice in Rochester to inspire young women who are soon to embark on their chosen careers… We apologize to the many young people and members of the Rochester community who were planning to attend, and we look forward to welcoming Ambassador Rice, who has graciously offered to speak to our organization in the coming months.”

Oh? Do prisons allow female empowerment conferences?

For a group advocating ‘women helping girls’, they seem to be committing a terrible injustice on their audience by lying to them. What kind of lesson does that impart? Or was this event also sponsored by the Clinton Foundation?