Susan Rice Gets Some CAREER ENDING News After ‘Unmasking’ Trump Aides

Earlier this week, Barack Obama’s former national security advisor Susan Rice was exposed as the person who ordered for the “unmasking” of Donald Trump’s team during the election. Now, it looks like she may have to testify before Congress about what she did.

Obama’s house of cards really is tumbling down…

As fingers point to President Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice as the individual who requested the ‘unmasking’ of Trumpworld names on raw intelligence reports, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., today demanded that she testify before Congress. 

‘I believe Susan Rice abused this system and she did it for political purposes,’ Paul said today on Morning Joe. ‘She needs to be brought in and questioned under oath.’ 

Bloomberg View columnist Eli Lake wrote that from her position as chief of the National Security Council, Rice asked government agencies to identify names that had been withheld from raw intelligence reports linked with Trump campaign and transition figures. 

Monday evening, the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group piggybacked on this reporting, writing that Rice had asked U.S. spy agencies for ‘detailed spreadsheets,’ of legal phone calls involving Trump and his aides during the presidential campaign, U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova told the news site. 

‘What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals,’ diGenova said.    

There is not necessarily anything illegal or unusual about a national security adviser seeking to unmask names in raw reports, in order to fully understand the meaning of intercepted conversations. 

But in this case those identities – including the name of then-National Security Advisor Mike Flynn – were subsequently leaked and made public.

That is a federal felony. 

Paul told the Morning Joe panel that Rice needed to be asked whether President Obama ordered these names unmasked and whether he knew about it. 

‘This is a big deal,’ the Kentucky Republican said. ‘If the outgoing administration was actually, literally sifting through things and part of the administration already said we were going to scatter, we were going to get as much information, we were going to scatter it out there publicly to try and harm the Trump administration.’ 

‘This was a witch hunt that began with the Obama administration,’ Paul charged. ‘Sour grapes on the way out the door.’

‘They were going to use the intelligence apparatus to attack Trump and I think they did,’ the senator added.  

Paul had previously called the allegations against Rice a smoking gun.’ 

Today he said that ‘this is actually, eerily similar to what Trump accused them of which is eavesdropping on conversations for political reasons.’  

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