States Change Rules, Make Welfare Recipients Work for Checks — Guess What Happened Next…

The era of Obama’s welfare system corruption is nearing an end and the purloiners of taxpayer funded benefits are finding themselves having to…(*gasp*)…shuffle their able-bodied selves into work every day.

Fox News reports that states which are or have ended the 2009 liberalization of welfare benefit eligibility by making recipients work for their lucre are seeing a dramatic drop in the number of people on the state roll.

In late 2008, the bottom fell out of the U.S. economy and it left millions of Americans in need of support (with millions more abusing the system). At least one study found that 48 million Americans were receiving subsistence from the welfare behemoth.

Since the “recovery” in 2012, some states have been trying to gradually reduce their beneficiary totals, but “some states have moved aggressively to push recipients who can work back into the job market and, in due time, off the program.”

Those that pushed for a rapid rollback, like Alabama and Georgia, have seen incredible reductions.

Fox writes that the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported that in 21 additional counties that restored the work requirement, there was a 62 percent drop in SNAP participants.”

The conservative news network also quotes Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation as wisely opining, “Welfare was never intended to be a one-way handout, but a program based on the idea of reciprocity. Those who receive benefits from the government should be required to work or participate in work-training as a condition.”

There is no doubt that President Trump is aware of the success of the work-for-benefits idea and expect to see something like that when he gets around to welfare reform.