Soros Quietly Doing THIS in American Cities

Nazi collaborator and unrepentant war profiteer, George Soros is positioning himself to usurp the agenda of President Trump by funding candidates for District Attorney throughout major American metropolitan areas.

The Daily Caller reports that Soros rigged the race for Philadelphia District Attorney (DA) by “giving $1.45 million to fund a super PAC in support of his preferred candidate, Larry Krasner.”

Krasner was not expected to pull ahead of the crowded field of contenders, but Soros’ meddling helped send him 18 points ahead of his nearest rival. The Daily caller writes, “As one Philadelphia Inquirer writer put it after the billionaire’s investment: ‘Soros changed the game.’

Soros has been very successful in using this tact of usurpation. The Washington Times noted that of “the 11 races for county district attorney [2015-2016] examined by The Washington Times, the Soros-backed candidate won nine. In two of those contests, Republicans took themselves out of the running before the election.”

The billionaire societal saboteur is betting that activist DAs will push back against President Trump, much like the army of activist judges have. This will effectively create a resistance to the President and his agenda at every single level of society.

This disgusting piece of corrupted humanity needs to be sidelined and then globally alienated.