Something Spotted At Border That PROVES Trump Was Right All Along…

During last year’s election, Donald Trump said that he would be the best person to crack down on illegal immigration as president of the United States. What just happened at the border in March proves that he was right about this all along…

Conservative Tribune reported that Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told a Senate panel this week that fewer than 12,500 people were apprehended trying to cross the U.S. southern border illegally in March, which is the lowest monthly total in 17 years. This is down from 43,000 illegal immigrants that were apprehended in December.

Kelly credited Trump’s tough approach to immigration and deportation for this dramatic drop, saying it was “no accident.”

This proves once and for all that Trump’s presidency has actually been a massive success in this regard. He is following through with what he always said he would do!

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