SHOCKING! American Veterans Left Victimized by Obama’s Disgraceful Leadership and Lies

Obama may have left office and is now enjoying a leisurely semi-retirement, but his pathetic leadership and propensity to lie straight-faced to the American people have had lasting consequences.

One of these deplorable repercussions concerns the treatment of our nation’s veterans.

In the summer of 2014, stories began to emerge of a scandal at Veteran Administration (VA) run hospitals and clinics.  Whistleblowers told the media that patients were facing inexcusable wait times for care that was being consciously covered up by senior VA officials. Some of these delays resulted in the death of veterans.

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The Washington Free Beacon reported in 2016 that Obama’s statement one month after the scandal broke that “a whole bunch of people” got fired for the travesty ended up being a total lie.

“The Washington Post fact checker team gave President Obama ‘Four Pinocchios’…determining that the statement was completely false,” quotes the Beacon.

According to the Beacon, “The paper determined that only one to six people ‘in charge’ of patient wait-time problems were actually removed, not ‘a whole bunch’.”

A month later the VA told both the House and Senate VA committees that “12 senior executives” could be removed, but only one who had a role in the scandal was removed.

This is just one example in a litany of Obama failures that have gone largely unreported. President Trump has vowed to fix things at the VA. As a man of bold action, Americans can hopefully expect their heroes to be taken care of.