Sessions Gives Illegal Immigrants Devastating News

President Trump’s Attorney General has been unrelenting in applying continual pressure on illegals through the enforcement of current laws and by backing the President on designs for reform.

On April 21, AG Sessions appeared with the Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly on the “front lines of the border war, the “ground zero” town of El Paso, Texas.

Sessions, according to the Daily Caller, found it incredible that illegals in this country “somehow they think they are not subject to being deported — well, they are.”

Sessions continued by saying, “Everybody in the country illegally is subject to being deported” so he warned them to apply legally to migrate to the United States otherwise “when you are caught, you will be detained, adjudicated and deported.”


The language is a welcomed change from that of Obama and his AGs, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. And Sessions words have been matched with deeds.

New Border Patrol Agents are being hired, Sessions has “expanded [the] Institutional Hearing Program, a system aimed at expediting the removal of criminal aliens who are inmates in federal prisons”, a batch of additional judges are being assigned to the border to expedite hearings, and Sessions is working with the President to accomplish the promised Wall along the southern border.

The days of coddling and welcoming criminal aliens into this country are drawing to a close and it’s about time.