Secretary Of Homeland Security John Kelly DESTROYS MSNBC Host Whining About Immigration

Like many other liberals, MSNBC host Chuck Todd thinks we should do nothing to stop illegal immigrants from coming into our country. However, when he tried to ask Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly if it was a waste of money to try and get criminals out of our country, he immediately got shut down.

“Is it the best use of money? Is this the resources you need, you need to hire more people to deal with this issue? Is that your number one problem?” asked Todd, according to Conservative 101.

“There are a huge number — as you know, of illegal aliens or undocumented individuals that have to be dealt with in one way or another. I would argue, Chuck, that we have to straighten this out. And I think — I place that squarely on the United States congress,” said Kelly. “The laws on the books are pretty straightforward. If you’re here illegally you should leave or should be deported. Put through the system. But there are 11 million people and it’s very complicated. There are people who came here as children. There are people who came here illegally many years ago and they have married local men and women who have children. It’s a complicated problem, but the law is the law.”

Kelly went on to describe how ICE is currently after just criminal illegal aliens.

“ICE operates more or less on the interior and, you know, through targeted actions against illegal aliens plus. What I mean by that is just because you’re in the United States illegally doesn’t necessarily get you targeted,” he explained. “It’s got to be something else. we’re operating on the other end of the spectrum, criminals multiple convictions.”



Take THAT, Chuck Todd!