Schumer and Pelosi Said What?

There have been no more bitter and vocal enemies of President Trump than Screwballs #1 and #2 in the House and Senate respectively. Screwball #1, Nancy Pelosi has interpreted every Trump move and act as inspired by pure evil, while Screwball #2, Chuck Schumer has done everything he can to undermine the progress of the President for nothing more than partisan bonus points.

chuck and nancy

The depravity of these two has as of yet known no bounds of decency not to be crossed. Remember, this deplorable pair blamed the failure of the American Healthcare Act on the President, and not the Democrat holdouts who failed to see the bill as a more of a Democrat piece of legislation than Republican.

So, following President Trump’s announcement that he had ordered a cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase on April 6, it was somewhat surprising to hear Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber actually backing the President…for a few seconds anyway.

The Washington Examiner writes that Schumer released a statement that said, “Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do.”

Pelosi, more hesitant to give praise, quipped measurably, “Tonight’s strike in Syria appears to be a proportional response to the regime’s use of chemical weapons.”

Before you run out and frame these comments for posterity, wait until you hear the caveats.

According to the Daily Caller, both Democrats hinted that they viewed Trumps actions as supra-constitutional, with Schumer saying that the President needs to “come up with a strategy and consult with Congress before implementing it” and Pelosi stating that “if the president intends continued military action against Syria, he should ask Congress to pass an Authorization for Use of Military Force.”

The Daily Caller notes with rightful irony that, “[i]n 2011, President Barack Obama ordered strikes against Libya without any kind of congressional approval.

Well, that’s awkward.