Sarah Palin & Kid Rock Just Trolled Hillary in the Most Hilarious Way Ever

Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton was probably eagerly anticipating moving back into the White House and being able to walk by her First Lady portrait every day. Those plans, of course, failed to materialize and instead of her portrait being looked upon with narcissistic pride, it has become a great trolling device for President Trump’s guests.

On April 19, Breitbart reports, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and accompanying guests visited the White House and were photographed meeting with the President, touring the People’s house, and talking with various Trump staff members.

It is a picture of Palin, Nugent and Rock with the former First Lady’s painting, however, that has gone viral. Posing in front of Hillary’s portrait, the visitors make gestures of dismissal with smiles on their faces.

Libtards are sure to go full retard when they see such a disgraceful act perpetrated against Democrat royalty. If they do, someone should just remind them that a husband cheating on her spouse is an even greater disgrace.