Rush Limbaugh Drops NUCLEAR BOMB About Obama After Susan Rice Revelation…

On Monday, it was revealed that former national security adviser Susan Rice was the top official who ordered for Donald Trump aides to be “unmasked.” Afterwards, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh told his millions of fans that this shows how “the Obama administration weaponized politically our intelligence services against the Republicans and against Trump.”

“The Obama administration weaponized everything else to use against the GOP, from the IRS to NOAA to any of these agencies, EPA, involving climate change,” Rush said. “The Drive-By Media reported all of this. We know that there had to be unmasking. We know that there had to be leaking. The media proudly told us that sources who could not be identified […] fed them data. We know now that the media was complicit.”

Rush went on to point out that media outlets that reported on possible collusion between Trump and Russia are now slow to say how the Obama administration may have legally but unethically spied on Trump’s campaign.

“I want to repeat a possibility that I mentioned,” Rush said. “While [the Obama administration] couldn’t get a FISA warrant to target Americans, they purposely targeted for surveillance foreign actors that they knew Trump transition people would be talking to and learned what they were saying that way. And that’s why Rice was requesting that these people be unmasked so that she and Obama and whoever else in this operation would understand who was being talked about and who was saying what. …”

“The scandal is not Trump and the Russians,” he continued. “The scandal is the Obama administration and these embeds in the deep state surveilling targets with the express purpose of hoping to capture Americans as part of the surveillance.”


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