Rush Limbaugh Drops MAJOR BOMBSHELL About Obama & Syria — Dems are OUTRAGED!

Rush Limbaugh went on the radio yesterday to give a little history lesson to Americans about Assad, chemical weapons, and the sheer incompetence of Barack Obama. It was quite enlightening. Here’s a transcript from Rush’s show:

One of the things that the Obama administration was celebrating was that they had completely removed chemical weapons from Syria. Obama drew that red line and the Syrians and everybody else realized the bad actor they were dealing with, and they cowered in fear, and they did remove 100% of their chemical weapons. There’s a problem now, though. Those chemical weapons were just used in an attack in Syria on Syrian citizens. So how could the Obama administration have gotten rid of all of these? The Obama… You know what the claim was? They claimed they gave all of that chemical weapons stock to the Russians.

Oh, yeah! Yeah, folks! The Obama administration — now the dire enemy of the Russians, victimized by the Russians — gave the chemical weapon stocks in Syria to the Russians. Which means the Russians probably gave it right back to the Syrians.

What an idiot Obama was! He was either incompetent about the Russians and Asaad’s chemical weapons or he just didn’t care! Thank God Trump is on the scene now to straighten things out — not just in here, but in North Korea, too!

Finally, Rush brought it all home and put a bow on it by demonstrating how this blows the current Democrat narrative of Trump and the Russians totally out of the water!

RUSH: All right. Let me break this down for you, making the complex understandable. The Democrats want you to believe that Trump’s in bed with Putin, right? The Democrats want you to believe that Putin helped Trump win the election by somehow screwing Hillary and the whole Democrat effort. They colluded. They don’t have any evidence for it, but they’re convinced it happened, right? So Trump and Putin are buddy-buddy. Trump doesn’t ever criticize Putin.

What in the world, then, would Trump be talking about going into Syria for? Because that’s a Russian ally. And if Trump is even talking about attacking Syria, then he can’t possibly be Putin’s best friend. And that’s according to the Drive-Bys and the rest of the Democrats. I mean, Trump attacking Syria undercuts the entire narrative that Trump and Putin are buddies.

BOOM! Will this finally put the Trump – Russia story to rest? Not likely, but maybe it’s a start!