Rosie O’Donnell Claims Trump RAPED 13 Year-Old – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down

It’s no secret that loudmouth comedian Rosie O’Donnell has a burning hatred for Donald Trump, as she has been in a feud with him for over a decade. Rosie has escalated this now one-sided feud since Trump took office, and this week, she resorted to spreading despicable fake news about our president to try and bring him down.

Unfortunately for Rosie, her plan just backfired in a big way…

On Wednesday, Rosie took to Twitter to post a link to a months-old story in which Trump was accused of raping a 13 year-old child. This story has long been proven to be fake news, but that clearly didn’t matter to Rosie…

One user tried to explain to Rosie that this allegation is now known to be a hoax.

Rosie responded to this by making the lie even bigger and more ridiculous.

It’s pathetic that Rosie is now trying to make Trump look like a pedophile just so she can win her one-sided battle with him. Grow up, Rosie, and keep your mouth SHUT about Trump!