REVEALED: Shocking Truth About USS Fitzgerald “Accident” — This is CHILLING!

To report that the media is lying to us has lost any shock value, but a story being put out by American Thinker is very, very disturbing and if true, impugns any credibility the mainstream media had as an ‘independent’ journalistic industry.

On June 17, the USS Fitzgerald, an anti-ballistic missile destroyer, was hit at around 1:30 a.m. by a Philippine registered cargo ship called the ACX Crystal, while off the coast of the Japanese island of Toshima.

All of the press reports have termed it an accidental collision, a rather puzzling assertion seeing as both ships are enormous and soar stories above the surface of the water.

The mainstream media, like CNN, assure us that the U.S. Navy will find out the cause of the ‘accident’ and have started an investigation. “It will be thorough. It will be clear. It will be definitive,” states the network.

The American Thinker has received alarming news from a mother of one of the Fitzgerald’s sailors that may blow the lid off this fake news.

“My son is assigned to the USS Fitzgerald. I am unable to share his rate with you.

“The information is short and not so sweet. The implications are disturbing.

“The ship is registered in the Philippines. We do not know who the owner is. The container ship neither had its running lights or transponder on. That is an action taken willfully. Furthermore, for the container ship to strike with such accuracy is troublesome. Given what some have done with cars in Europe, what a feather in the cap it would be to sink a U.S. Navy warship. Think on that.

“My son missed being washed out to sea by the blink of an eye. He was on his way to one of the berthing areas that was rammed.

“Yes, language is important. ‘Rammed’ is the perfect word.

“Loving and Concerned Navy Mother.”

I assert that there is a motive for the attack. A week before the possible attack, it was reported that U.S. Special Forces were assisting Pilipino units combatting jihadists in the South Philippine town of Marawi.

The southeast pacific archipelago nation has become infested with the Islamic killers, a development the U.S. would not want as it would threaten naval trade routes through the area.

Could the Fitzgerald incident be a reactionary attack by jihadists? The suggestion does seem to account for the many of the facts left unaddressed by the media’s conspiracy of silence about the particulars.

If the U.S. government is covering up what may be a jihadist attack that cost the lives of seven American sailors and crippled a warship vital to our pressure applied to North Korea, than something more ominous than political correctness has possessed our national leaders.