Republicans Reveal Plans for Trump’s Impeachment

Republicans are reportedly growing tired of having to sheepishly explain the actions of the President to the liberal Establishment.

The Politico is reporting that RINOs and Elitist Republicans are whispering among themselves that the fake scandals raining down on the President bring up, once again, “the possibility that Trump could be pushed aside and replaced by Vice President Mike Pence.”

All it would take is for a few Republicans to join the Democrats in allowing the flimsiest or total absence of evidence to be used for an impeachment motion. Once the dye has been cast, events planned long ahead of time would quickly unfold in the hope that such a rapid assault would leave the President punch drunk.

The longing for a less aggressive President is especially strong among lobbyists, who have found themselves largely shut out by the reformist President.

One unnamed lobbyist told the Politico that “Pence is well-liked on the Hill, fairly predictable, and doesn’t stir up much unnecessary drama.” In other words, Trump is breaking up the status quo and the beneficiaries of such a system are trembling in their $600 shoes.

The recent revelations that GOP Congressional leaders have jokingly dismissed Trump’s agenda behind closed doors and that the White House is full of RNC-loyalist moles makes the idea of a possible coup not that far-fetched.

The Vice President ‘s office has declined to comment on the story, a very ominous “the answer isn’t yes or no” non-statement.