Republican Senator SHOCKS Audience with JAW DROPPING Announcement About the Supreme Court

What could possibly be more contentious and outrageously partisan than the Gorsuch nomination battle to the Supreme Court? How about another SCOTUS pick by Trump?

In a story published by Hot Air on April 20, it is reported that Iowan Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, has warned his colleagues to brace for a possible rehash of the Gorsuch ordeal this summer or early Fall. This is shocking news.

Grassley stated to a crowd in Iowa that “he expects a Supreme Court Justice resignation within the year.

‘I would expect a resignation this summer,’ he said.”

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This is either a tremendous bit of wishful thinking or, more likely, the senior Senator knows something we do not.

Anyone left wondering who could be the drop out was informed by Hot Air that “For the past few weeks, rumors have swirled around Washington that swing-vote Justice Anthony Kennedy wants to hang up his robe and ride off into the sunset. He hasn’t interviewed prospective clerks for the next session, and has moved up his traditional five-year summer reunions for past clerks up a year.”

If true, the Left is going to turn their Hysterics Meter up to 11. The liberals forming campaign of undoing Trump will not allow for yet another conservative leaning judge to sit on the high bench. Too many Leftist schemes and half-baked exercises in social engineering exist only because the Supreme Court has annulled the will of Congress and thus the people.

Get ready for fireworks this summer and not the good kind.