President Trump Keeps on Winning—This Recent Election Proves it

The first post-presidential election political race has just confirmed what President Trump has been saying for a while: we will be winning a lot.

Late on April 11, Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes defeated his Democratic civil rights attorney opponent, James Thompson, by winning 53 percent of the vote to secure a House seat vacated by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Fox News reports.

 Republican Ron Estes

The victory comes amid a fallacious and vicious disinformation campaign perpetrated by the media in an attempt to smear the President and anyone supporting him.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel praised the victory, “President Trump called on Kansans to send Ron Estes to Washington to help Republicans cut taxes and fix healthcare and tonight that’s exactly what they did. While Democrats are desperate to recover from their losses in November, Kansas voters reaffirmed that Republicans, under the leadership of President Trump, remain best equipped to solve the needs of Americans across the country,” Breitbart quotes her as saying.

As the first real test of the President’s popularity and the appeal of his agenda, Estes’ win is sure to leave Leftists scrambling in an attempt to stem the losses they have endured since last November.

The next test, writes the Associated Press, will be a special election on April 18 in Georgia. Trump Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price’s vacated seat is being fought over by 5 Republicans and Democrat Jon Ossoff.

As usual, the media is giving the Republicans no hope of victory, but we’ve all heard that line of bull many times before.