Phony Elizabeth Warren Just Got DEVASTATING News After Threatening Trump

Liberals continue to try to take down any Republicans in the way.  For what reason? Because they are just doing their job.  It is as if these Democrats are acting like 3 year olds having the worlds biggest tantrums. Then here is another kicker, Elizabeth Warren opens her mouth and has her own disgusting comments to add.

Claiming “We Are An Army” is not what she should be saying.  We are Americans.  We all want whats best of the U.S.. It is wrong to claim “we are an army” and go on killing Republicans.  Kathy Griffin threatening President Trump with her disgusting display recently and the shooting on Republicans while they were practicing for a fund raising baseball game.

Apparently the tantrums are at an all time high and the Liberals think that they can throw a fit any way they want to whether it is threatening the President or killing Republicans, they have lost their minds.  Warren seriously needs to take a step back and calm down.

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