Pence Just Did Something No Vice President Has Ever Done — Republicans are Elated

With the Left using every trick and devious ploy they can use to slow down Trump’s agenda, Vice President Mike Pence has come to view the 2018 elections as a very trying time for Republicans.
With that thought in mind, the Vice President on May 17, created a political action committee (PAC) called, the Washington Examiner reports, the Great America Committee. Using campaign donations and party funds, Pence would use the PAC to pay for his travels criss-crossing the nation in his role as legislative Whip.

Pence is the first Vice President to ever create such a PAC and it has drawn praises from many Republicans.

Having the progress made in 2016 reversed by a Democrat surge in 2018 would all but bring the President’s agenda to an end and possibly lead to his defeat in 2020. Pence needs to be constantly reminding hesitant Republicans that the People elected Trump to drain the swamp and it would be a hard and contentious process.

Having the resources to quickly fly out and confer with Republicans gives the GOP a great tool of unity that will have a tremendous impact on the 2018 races.