Pelosi Honors April 1 By Being A Fool

The failure of the Left to influence the President through political posturing, media tongue lashings, or empty threats of impeachment have caused them to refocus their ire. Instead of the President, the Left now is looking to pressure Republicans into making Trump tow the Establishment line.

In all truth, it isn’t such a bad strategy. The GOP is riddled with Establishment acolytes and spineless progressives calling themselves ‘moderates’.  In addition, after the rift between the Freedom Caucus and the President developed a tremendous opportunity for dividing the Republicans presented itself to the opposition party.

On April 1, the perpetual Fool Nancy Pelosi went on MSNBC and began to sow the narrative of an out-of-control President requiring the cultured parentalism of Congressional Republicans.

Breitbart quotes the old hack as saying, “[W]e have a president who is tweeting things on the basis of very little knowledge, but that isn’t a problem for him. So, really I think that there should be some adults in the Republican Party who would say, ‘Please, you bring dishonor to the office of the president by making it look like it’s a personal acquisition of yours.’ No, it is a public responsibility. Honor it.”


I guess the MINORITY Leader of the House has forgotten Obama’s equally rash and more officially looking act of accusing a cop of wrong doing before the facts were laid out and then inviting that officer to the White House for a dressing down?

How about the Benghazi scandal, hmmm?