Paul Ryan Gets Devastating News After Sabotaging Trump

Hypocrite of the House, er, I mean Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has once more used his leadership role to attempt sabotaging the agenda of President Trump, an agenda backed by the majority of Americans.

It would be bemusing if it wasn’t so arrogantly hypocritical that behind the walls of his luxurious walled off estate, Ryan could sleep at night knowing that his wall and gate kept out unwanted ‘guests’, yet could wake up in the morning and totally discount the need for a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border! He and his family are safe, screw the rest of you.

The Daily Caller writes that the duplicity of the two-faced Speaker was the subject of a Fox Business interview between host Stuart Varney and National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd.

Varney posed the following question to Judd, “There is a report this morning that Speaker Paul Ryan is suggesting that Congress delay border wall funding until next year. What do you say about that?”

Judd disagreed strongly with Ryan’s procrastination and said, “I think that’s sad. President Trump has come in and has not politicized it. He’s said he’s going to secure the border, and he’s done exactly what he’s said he would do.”

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Saying that Obama and traitorous Republicans like Ryan had unnecessarily politicized a matter of national security, Judd stressed what was needed.

“A border wall in strategic locations is one of those things that must get done,” he said.

All evidence indicates that Trump is still going full steam ahead with the planned Wall. All the fake news stories and prevaricating politicians in the world won’t stop the President from fulfilling his Constitutional duty to protect the citizens of the United States.