Obama’s Plan to Sabotage Trump Exposed on Live TV!

Obama has long been undermining the republicans and is now trying to make things very difficult for Trump when he enters into the white House in a couple of weeks.

Kellyanne Conway has exposed on live tv the plans that Obama has to work against the American people and try to sabotage Trump’s chances to repair the damage Obama has caused us. Here are some of those screw ups:

  • Screwing over Israel by having UN declare Israelis in Jerusalem and the West Bank to be Illegal
  • Putting up sanctions against Russia and Putin to stop Trump from making friends with Russia to fight Radical Islam
  • Using the 110-year-old Antiquities Act to steal land from Utah and Nevada to stop 1.65 million acres of U.S. land being used for energy exploration, cattle grazing and other development.
  • Banning Oil and Gas drilling across hundreds of millions of acres owned by the federal government in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. (probably to protect Saudi Arabia)
  • Ending the Registry put in place by President Bush that forced Muslim men from tribal regions of the Middle East to identify themselves when entering the country.

Check out the footage and let us know your thoughts.