Obama’s Parting Gift to America Will Infuriate You

The more time that passes, the more Americans learn of the underhandedness and criminality committed by Obama and his cabinet. Those incidences that are most infuriating involve actions by Obama that imperil the lives of citizens in the name of assuaging his liberal indignation.

Breitbart has published a very damning story on one of Obama’s last acts as President.

On April 16, Breitbart wrote that in the closing hours of his tenure, Obama signed 1,715 clemencies for convicted drug and violent felons and did so while saying there was no growing crime wave.

Any attempt to fact check that claim has been made all but impossible because Obama has put a freeze on releasing the data. This has allowed him to make exaggerated and even fallacious claims like the one above and not be called on the carpet for it.

It is not so much the number of felons pardoned, and the total is a record, but the uncertainty as to what they were convicted of that makes Obama’s clemency so dangerous.

Breitbart theorizes that Obama most likely commuted the sentences of black or latino drug offenders, whom he has in the past cited as receiving unfair sentences. Once again, a false story that continues to make the rounds because the data is locked away.

A policeman simulates an arrest during national security day in Nice

Bill Otis, a former federal prosecutor, is quoted by Breitbart as saying, “As was so often the case, Obama simply took the law into his own hands. Had Congress thought its prior drug laws were too stringent, it could have, by legislation, given retroactive effect to any lighter sentences it wanted. But it didn’t—the push for sentencing ‘reform’ fizzled. Frustrated with Congress’s refusal to adopt even more of his pro-criminal agenda, Obama just acted unilaterally.”

Of course he did.