Obama’s Forgotten Muslim Fans Love Trump

The Cult of Personality that is the Left’s worship of Obama has nothing to compare to the instant success of President Donald Trump, and rightfully so.

Obama’s sycophants rendered loyalty meaningless slogans like ‘Yes We Can’ and ‘Hope’ that were devoid of any justifiable action.

The Democrat messiah even made a pilgrimage to Egypt to tell all Muslims that he was their number one cheerleader.

A lot of good that did for Syrians suffering under Bashar al Assad’s tyranny and resulting civil war.

Instead, the defender of victimized Muslims turns out to be President Trump, someone far from the archetype of Leftist sentimentalism.

Following the April 6 cruise missile strike in Syria that was in retaliation for Assad’s use of sarin gas on his own people two days prior, Twitter has become populated with Muslims (many of whom are Syrian) using Trump’s picture along with the Assad slogan, “We Love You”.


The Daily Mail reports on April 8 that “the tongue-in-cheek imagery is both a jab equating Assad and Trump as leaders, and a signal of support for U.S. cruise missile strikes against the Assad regime, its supposed creator said Friday.”

The Telegraph also notes that “one falafel shopkeeper in northern Syria town even named his restaurant after Mr. Trump, while one Syrian opposition activist said they wanted to name their first son after him.”

Obama? Obama who? Never heard of her.

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